Gioyik is Invading Planets…

Por decirlo de alguna manera, pues así es! Gioyik is Invading Planets… Lo digo por mi activa participación en los TestDay de los días viernes, en donde gracias a ellos he logrado salir ya 2 veces en el Planet de Mozilla y en el Planet de QMO, Que honor! La primera vez que salí el articulo decía lo siguiente:

Results of the 6/15 testday

As you all know, last Friday we held an Unconfirmed Bugs Triage testday.  Together we worked on 102 bugs, getting to close 50 of them. It was a lot of hard work, but everyone present was eager to help improve Firefox.  More details are available in the Test Plan.

Great thanks to all those who brought a contribution to the testday: Swarnava, fredy, Aleksej, lcamacho, Boreeas, alex_mayorga, FireChemist, Gioyik, and gaby2300. And many thanks to all our moderators: vladg, mihaela, Pauly, simonab, virgil, ioana, ashughes, juanb, marcia, tracy, and jsmith.

We look forward to seeing you next testday. Keep an eye on QMO for details!

Ese día, fue un largo trabajo pero al final de cuentas valió la pena. Y la segunda vez fue hace poco, decía el articulo algo como esto:

Results of the WebQA Marketplace Manual/Automation – Test Day – June 28th

Hi all, it’s me again,

I want to thank all the folks that got involved in our test day yesterday. We had lots of fun working with Marketplace and MozTrap, learned some Jedi IRC tricks and  played with Selenium and Python.

Providing options, between manual and automation, proved to be the most important thing of the test day. Users that had no experience with  testing worked with MozTrap and found it really easy to interact with and got to know Marketplace better. The most experienced testers dove right into Selenium and Python and did a little of re-factoring and some new tests.

It was really easy to let the user decide what they want to do and then try to teach them to install the automation environment.

Being involved in this event it was really interesting. We have met some really cool people:

terramiejar signing in over satellite from Zimbabwe

fredy has been with us all the day a full 7 hours

Gioyik joined our weekly meeting

You can find a list of the stuff done in the test day in the etherpad  where all the users logged their work:

If you have not edited your etherpad please do it now 😀

We would really appreciate an email on our mail list with feedback for the test day. Send us your opinion so we can make the next test day better and cooler than the last one.

Realmente han sido grandes los esfuerzos que he realizado para participar en estos TestDays, aunque cada vez que participo en un TestDay mas, me siento aun mas satisfecho con el reporte al final del día en el Etherpad. 🙂

Ahora solo espero salir muchas mas veces con todas las contribuciones y aportes que realice de ahora en adelante, con todo el empeño en los TestDays, aunque eso no quiere decir que tenga que salir todo el tiempo, y si fuese así, no me disgustaría para nada.



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